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Jon Calleja is a young contemporary graphic designer/artist/musician who strives to always dig into the new and the undiscovered. His works range from the graphic

Rebranding an Icon

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ICON, formerly known as ICON Studios, is one of Malta’s top web application development companies. Lasting for almost 10 years, Icon’s previous brand image has

GO’s Communications

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Currently in circulation throughout several media locally, these artworks were created by Christopher D’Esposito at TBWA/ANG for communications market leader GO Mobile. All four artworks

Creative Europe

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Brainchild of Serbian designer-artist Zvezdan Reljic who resides in Malta, Creative Europe covers all areas related to the European cultural scene, and is dedicated to

Large Format Banner Advertising

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During the Freedom Day regatta (traditional boat race), Vodafone displayed, yet again, this massive banner hanging down from the bastions at Fort St.Angelo. The team

Raphael Vella: Reading Cabinets

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The exploration of links between religion, fundamentalism and terrorism – is the main theme behind Raphael Vella’s latest installation Reading Cabinets – presented through a

City of Valletta Website

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“Valletta is the designer city of the 16th Century built straight from the drawing-board of three men, a Political Leader and Head of the Order